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  1. Wow .. Your information regarding the NATH SAMPRADAY and other SADHU is awsome … i am also a deevotee of NATH SAMPRADAY.. Thanks for the information,,,

    do u know MOHANLAL AGRAWAL personnaly or have any contact information about him … his experience book AGHOR NAGARA VAGE 1&2 are just great.. after reading these books the urge to meet him has lighten up in my mind…

  2. Hi Ravish,
    Do you know Mohanlalji personally? I read his books and am so egar to meet him.Can you reply me personally with my e-mail ID?

  3. hi ravish
    i was wondering if you knew any of the locations mentioned in mohanlal agrawals aghor nagara vage part 2. i was trying to look up goda jeel in nepal where he met saryudasji’s dada guru and didnt find anything, nor was it easy to look for vajranath.

    any luck or anyone who might know pls do let me.

  4. om namah shivay…… shiva om…. hi bro am very happy to see this all pic . thanks u from d bottom of my heart…. i never read books but after reading this book my mind is tottaly changed…. i want to meet u personally not for any work but i want to know more about mohanlalji he is a great (no words) hope u can understand thanks a lot mohanlalji ur great…….. om namah shivay

  5. Jay shri ram

    Ravishbhai mohanlal dev nathi thaya pan aghor nagara vage te pustak dwara amar thai gaya ane haju sarudasji, vagranathji temaj param hans gati na guruvar ramdasji maharajji chhe astu

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