We are prisoners on this earth, as we all have same belief with extraordinary mindset “we” or “I” doesn’t belong here. Then where should we belong, what is that which attracts to move where we belong, but sorry no one knows the mystery behind and in which direction need to move.

If you were belong to this place (earth) you should never be ill and never be a part of chronic disease which is cause by feelings, environment & food, why entire mankind is surviving not existing, so do you think you are in prison and not free from all.

That’s the main reason all our Guru’s, Saints, Mahatmas, and Parents, lead us to direction for Moksha – [Nirvana] so still the question is same where does we the (I) belong, where does the place belongs in space and who will guide us to reach that place, just one thing to analyze this we need to in past where there is space where our “karma” stays. what we condemned till now and on which basis our imprisonment is hear. isn’t it that memory is been easily erased, or try to follow the rules of prison and behave better.

In some religious ceremony, all dharma gurus, or god people spread the word of “Seva” help others, if you decode that a simple meaning- you can judge yourself how much years of prison you get, and also where you stand on the map to move in which direction.

Let express the freedom!

Ravish DESAI