“Salutation to the Siva, who is in the form of power of all science, the Nada and Bindu. Any one devoted to these will obtain the state which is above the Maya,”
Samadhi is many stages, but any Samadhi can destroy the enemy death, and bring one to the Divine State of Supreme Bliss.
When the Prana (Vital or Life Force) and mind are controlled, a state of harmony arises—that is Samadhi. As salt thrown in water becomes one with the water, so the controlled mind becomes one with Atma—that is Samadhi.

“Those who really understand the greatness of Yoga, and obtain it thru practice, and by the help of a kind Guru, are emancipated.
“Understanding of Wisdom, and directly realizing the one Atma as Parabrahma (Universal Soul) is emancipation, and it gives power over all of Nature’s forces—known as Sidhis and Anima.”
“Without the help of a Spiritual teacher, and without sincere effort of the student, the real realization of Truth, and the state of Samadhi cannot be attained by the student.”

“When a Yogi has awakened the Kundalini (Mother God) by practicing the Mudras, then Prana moves thru the Sushumna, and having aroused all the Chakras, the Yogi arises above all Karma, and is then freed from cause and effect;—that state is Samadhi.

“The mind is the cause of Karma; when the mind and Prana (its moving power) is controlled by daily practice of Mudras. then the lower mental activity ceases. The higher self then manifests. Yogi attains the unchanging state. He is master over time, matter and space;—that state is Samadhi. When the mind is poised, the Prana moves in the Sushumna, and real realization is obtained. Why should one fear death, as they are above decay and death? No one can attain wisdom as long as the Prana and mind are not controlled. He who controls the Prana and mind attain liberation.
“Many say liberation can be only attained by Wisdom; then what is the use of Yoga?” The Siva answered: “A battle is won by a sword; but what is the use of a sword without a warrior and valor? So both are needed.” “Those great men and women have attained pure wisdom and liberation have not practiced Yoga, have they?” “They have practiced Yoga in their past lives.”

I will drop this matter here as I do not want to prove or spend any time on the past. My object is to show how to awaken the Kundalini and reach the blessed state of Samadhi.
The human body has a great number of Nadis, the three main ones,—Ida and Pin-gala on each side of the spine, the Sushumna in the middle. The Prana moves thru the Ida and Pingala only; the Sushumna being closed. When Yogi learns the secret of controlling the Prana and Apana, then he can awaken the Kundalini, and force the Prana to go thru the Sushumna. When this has been accomplished—Samadhi follows. All other means are waste of time. Thus Yogi should not follow other means if he desires to awaken the Kundalini and reach Samadhi.

The mind is made to move by two things, the Prana and desire. If Prana is controlled, desire is also controlled. Therefore, the Prana and mind are as one. As long as the mind is not mastered, so long the senses are not mastered. When the three are controlled, then the Yoga can hold them on any Chakra, and awaken or move the Kundalini. By control of the Prana and mind the Yogi gains strength; by this strength he arises above all diseases. So Yogi should practice Pranayama and the Mudras to master Prana.

The mind is the master of the organs of sense, the Prana is the master of the mind. When the Prana and the mind are under control the Yogi attains blessed peace, which can only be known by experience. The lower mind is ignorance itself. When the mind is controlled, ignorance, which is the Mother of Maya (illusion), dies. The Yogi attains Samadhi or the state of Brahma.
Every one wishes to attain the Laya Yoga, but it is difficult to attain. To do so the Shambhavi Mudra is the best to practice. This Mudra cannot be attained until the Prana and the mind are controlled; then Shambhavi Mudra should be practiced as it raises the Yogi above time, matter, space and ether. He controls the power of nature’s forces, as levitation and walking on water, and he can live as long as he desires. but this is not the object of the Hindu Yogis. Their object is not to attain wonderful powers. but Seedless Samadhi—the Brahmic state—which is above all other states; it is divine peace and common to all.

When the Yogi succeeds in controlling Prana, from the Ida and Pingala Nadis, and makes it go thru the Sushumna, he has reached the state wherein he experiences TRUTH, which is the Light of Lights, and is the Source of All. This is the goal of all. Yogis practice different Mudras to control Prana. When Prana is controlled and made to move thru the Sushumna, the state of Samadhi follows. This is the correct method When Yogi desires to cheat death and time, he raises the Prana up to the Ajna Chakra, placing the Prana and the mind in the Kundalini, then by steady meditation Yogi moves the Kundalini. He then places the Atma in the Brahma and Brahma in the Atma. He is then in Samadhi—ALL in ALL.
The external worlds are created by the lower mind. By controlling the lower mind, the external world is finished. Then meditating on the One Reality, the Yogi becomes that Reality or Brahma. He is not affected by matter, space or time. He is above all.

All things in the world are perceived by mind. When the mind is controlled there remains no duality. When the mind is merged in the Atma, that state is the Absolute, and is Satchitanada (truth, wisdom, bliss).

“Salutation to Sushumna, to the Kundalini, to the Stream of Nectar flowing from the Moon.

Many thanks for information – from Tantrik RabindraNath Ji



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